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code sites save by going straight to the source and start now to save more. from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9 news now. a ruling finding the furloughs of public safety worker withs was illegal could have ripple affects throughout our area. good morning. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is here with weather. angie goff has the weather. we begin with howard. i thought the rain was over and there it was jenly falling. >> little waves of moisture. in some cases big amounts of moisture. anne arundel naval academy, 7/10 of an inch of rain. they really got hit with big time thunderstorms to the east and northeast. and bill has strengthened more on that in 15 minutes but this morning we ntwa to go to live doppler hd. a w ght sprinkles passing new land in to saint mary's
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city. go to the weather computer. the big stuff that went through ic. ver to e thntla erowshs in west virginia owcoul rehelater rml sewaw we get. it depends on how much sunshine but right now a sticky 77 and still 80 in fredericksburg. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. it is early, it's wednesday and we are tracking trips an the region and already a couple of issues out there. start with an overturned vehicle at germantown, maryland at the edge of ridge road and brink road and then to 270, turn on the cameras an show you the shot. live, nice and quiet making our way to the beltway. downed wires is our next thing. going to the maps in silver spring, this is between forest glen and lenark way. no delays past duke street to the district on 3 t 5. 95 is
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doing fine fredericksburg to the mixing bowl. now over to andrea. prince georges county may have to pay back millions of dollars to workers it furloughed last year. armando trull has more on the developing story. >> the prince georges county says the choice is simple, accept furloughs for ten days or fireworkers permanently. the county union says there are other ways to balance your broken budget and now a court has weighed in and as you say the outcome could have far reaching implications here in prince georges county and throughout the region. prince georges county furloughed 5900 workers last year including firefighters, police officers and other employees protected by union contracts. the county, facing a huge budget deficit, told unions to choose between ten days of
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furloughs or permanent layoffs. >> we see it as unnecessary. we see excess funds, surplus funds that are in the county covers as a result of reserve funds. >> reporter: that's why several unions sued the county saying there were other ways to save money without breaking the contractual obligations. on tuesday a federal judge agreed ruling they violated the institution by rendering contracts meaningless. the the county says it will appeal. otherwise to comply with the court's opinion we will have massive layoffs. and prince georges county was planning another round of furloughs this year but that decision is in question given the court's ruling. armando trull for 9 news now and authorities in montgomery county are on alert for any
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fire calls. yesterday an arsonist torched a dozen bails of hay in damascus and germantown. police are hoping anyone who saw something suspicious will call in that information. this week, two teachers in northern virginia ha vebeen arthge wid inappropriate actions toward wichildren. spotsylvania county officers arrested a wrestling coach. he is charged with on line solicitation of a child and in prce william county, shannon patterson was charged with li taking indecent liberties wi th a minor. it involves two students at bellville middle school. so how do you protect your children. >> parents need to train their children to have that gut instinct. if you feel something is wrong, then something is wrong. >> reporter: they suggest that parents keep a communication checklist because one conversation just won't do. they also stress listening and
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being supportive of your child and making sure teens understand what qualifies as harassment. the political columnist who revealed valerie plame's identity as a cia agent has died. robert novak was diagnosed with a brain tumor last summer after he struck a pedestrian in downtown dc with his corvette and drove away. he died at home with his wife of 47 years by his side. he was 78 years old. five after the hour. time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning. jessica has a preview of the day on wall street. >> i wish we had better things to say this morning but early today futures trading is looking for a pull back at the opening bell. possibly a draw back of 80 points on the dow industry average. already we are seeing losses overseas. the nikkei lost 1% an the hang seng dropped 2%. this is after a rally on wall
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street. home depot earnings fueled that. the dow added 82 and the nasdaq up 28 and the s&p rote by ten. a big honor today for some georgetown students. 32 fellows from the global executive mba program will ring the bell at the nasdaq. it stresses real life emergence in to real life solutions in business. eyoks like that is atth gee g.arintt they are getting. htug a used impala from rent a car, here's what ouu need to owknwht.ouab they don't have air air bags as advertis. when they rented the cars they asked the air bags be removed to save $175 terprise is ofca ferirpris i toffering to buy them back for more than the kelly blue back value will cost them more money in the law -- long run. >> costing them more money but you are saving us more money.
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>> everyone loves granite counters but they are so expensive. we are getting you the look for less today. lewd behavior at a maryland park. police have been investigating activity at a state park in frederick county. this maryland park is supposed to be a get away for families with children. but an investigation resulted in sex-related charges against eight men. >> in the past what they would do is come here and meet and leave the park and while we don't consider that a problem whether it is same sex or opposite sex this year we found out they were meeting at the park and going to the restroom or the trails or the shelters and performing sex acts. that's when we figured it was time to step in. >> reporter: investigators say gambrill became popular through
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the internet. metro trains will run manually for the foreseeable future. the general manager says they will not run automatically until problems relatedded to june's deadly crash are fixed. crews spent the night making repairs to a cracked rail. they spotted the crack during a routine check on the friendship heights station. trains had to share a single track until a temporary repair was in place. metro says service should be back to normal for the morning rush hour. some top asian officials may lose their positions over the handling of a natural diser. that's coming up. and how too much water can be a bad thing for thousands of boats. millions of american women have received the hpv vaccine and now an indepth look at its risks. you are watching 9 news now.
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welcome back. traveling southbound on the bw parkway, we are free of traffic tieups. more shots around the region coming up. in the news now, michael jackson's personal physician is speaking publicly for the first time since the pop star's death. dr. conrad murray posted a one- minute video on youtube thanking his supporters. he was with jackson when he died and acknowledged giving him various medications. this morning media outlets in taiwan report two top cabinet officials have tendered their resignation over the country's slow response to the typhoon that hit the island 12 days ago killing 1 -- 1200 people. chinese state television is reporting 8,000 ships are stranded in two provinces
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because rains and flooding pushed lake and river levels to record highs. boats are moored up until the flooding subsides. some of your favorite foods may reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. and it was a tornado that ravaged parts of texas on tuesday. we had hail up to three- quarters of an inch across anne arundel county and river side. today storms are in the forecast and i will tell you about bill getting stronger in the caribbean and the atlantic. we will tell you about that when 9 wsnenow this morning returns. wsb@
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the national weather service should determine today whether it was a tornado that hit beaumonttexas. but look that that funnel cloud hitting the city. >> looks like a tornado to me. >> a weak tornado at that. or else the store wouldn't be standing. >> by a tornado, that cloud is symbolmatic. >> cell phones amazing what we can do with them now. >> amazing what we can do in space. neat video to show you. this is neat. this is from the international
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space station. coming up on hurricane bill. a neat angle for you, looking sort of upside down. bill, by the way, up to a category four storm and we will have more on bill in just a moment. but get to your forecast first on this muggy, sticky tuesday morning. temperatures which are going to be, again, 90ish, upper 80s if the clouds storm but somewhere in that uncomfortable range with storms today, tomorrow and friday. not too much change in the atmosphere until the weekend. that front finally makes problem. or. weekend is is morning, we have a lot of showers and thunderstorms from last night, now along coastal areas pulling away. lullinbut more showers also across parts of west virginia. you can see the activity here which is moving up to the east. we start off warm in 70s and 80s and make it near 90. look at the doppler 9000 right
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now. down in southern maryland a few showers sane mary's city to the northern neck of virginia and over toward the eastern shore you can see it here toward deal island. that is it at the moment. back on the weather computer, it is muggy. temperatures have not dropped with the humidity around. the cloud cover, especially south have low 80s fredericksburg at the naval air station cambridge 77. winchester and frederick 73 and culpeper here in town 78 sticky degrees. just a touch of fog up to gaithersburg this morning and where there's more rain across baltimore county. visibility is not too bad in in spite of the haze out there. 78. the dew point is 71. no winds to speak of. very uncomfortable, sticky morning. a cold front here. slowly getting closer to us. but not going to come through for several days. it will wash out until another piece of energy comes.
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that will keep the threat with us the rest of the workweek. bill is sawsome looking from a satellite perspective. i have color enhanced the cloud tops so you can see the coldest tops in the center. winds 135 miles an hour, a category four storm. the track takes it to the northwest, staying well north of san juan thankfully and beyond that we will watch this track, looks like it will go west of bermuda. new finland, nova scotia may get a blow next week. it could produce heavy surf, waves and rip tides for us. if you are going to the beach this weekend keep that in mind. 88 on saturday and look at sunday, monday and tuesday, mid to upper 80s. a lot nicer by the end of the weekend. it is 5:17. let's talk traffic. >> it is really early and we're
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in my chat room at let's talk about the traffic at 529 and lockwood drive. crash activity. i know it is bright but it is taking away two right lanes. we see traffic getting by to the left. moving to the outer loop. here's the shot as we are tieup free on this part of the beltway. as we switch the camera over. we know at bradley boulevard is where we have new crash activity we are tracking, as well. on inbound new york avenue, taking it out through northeast no delays past bladensburg road and look at the inner loop in virginia. drivers are at speed past telegraph an beyond. that's the traffic. over to you. in living well headlines a new finding able food and cancer
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risk. the american society for nutrition has comed through previous studies which shown a link between diet and breast cancer. they conclude that red meat and dairy consumption do not increase the risk. researchers say keeping a normal weight and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption can help. read more about the fight against breast cancer at anytime. look for my a buddy blog under blog and forums. ncnc esiidt ant subs reduce the risk of cancer, coronary heart disease and most other caf us oes oath as well as obesity. cereal, pasta, cracker and popcorn are great sources of polly phenols. a study looks at gardasil , the vaccine. it protects against hpv.
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of the 23 million doses given, researchers found 12,000 girls reported health problems including 772 serious problems and 32 deaths. >> while that seems like a lot of deaths in this age group, the adolescents and 2 year olds it really isn't increased above what we have seen with other vaccines in that age group. >> reporter: the study also noted a higher incident of fainting and blood clots. some parents are wondering if that doesn't outweigh the benefits of the vac seen. because cervical cancer is easy caught with regular pap smears. stay tuned. sports is next. (announcer)@fa back to school means back to busy mornings.
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let's see who is celebrating a birthday today.
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in sports the nats and rockies opened a series at home. the nats were looking for the ninth straight win. in the ninth a solo home run and rockies lead 4-2. in the bottom of the ninth cristian guzman singles to right. belliard comes in to score. nats trail by one. and then zimmerman and the nats lose 4-3. strasburg is due to arrive at nats park tomorrow. his big league debut will likely happen in 2010. one week after facing the defense which was the second best in the league last year, the redskins are preparing to see who was the league best in 2008. the steeler allow less than 14
5:25 am
points a game. the game should be a little better with the preseason debut of portis and santana moss but the skins are in for a tough test. >> there we go. >> reporter: the training camp fun. not for the rookies continues. the laughs came at the expense of orakpo. he had been running off the field to avoid it, but yesterday he wasn't fast enough. >> i learned being a rookie sucks. that's the main thing. but one season to go through and next year the next guys will get it and lib the first on board. dc united in honduras taking on cd marathon. in the sec half united down one
5:26 am
but he helps the team to a tie. marathon would prove to be too much winning this one 3-1. nfl preseason just wouldn't feel right without bret favre once again coming out of retirement. and this season is no different. the ten time pro bowler signed a two year, $25 million deal with the vikings. he is expected to start in minnesota's preseason game against the chiefs on friday. a way to improve the look of your kitchen without paying thousands of dollars? that is coming up in our money saving tip of the day. and afghanistan's government shuts down the media in the efforts to maintain calm ahead of the election. and back here at home. an on-line movement to make a change for thousands of area high school students. it is 5:26. we'll be right back.
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yesterday's heat and humidity fueled storms like this one in baltimore county. tree answer power lines came down including a large tree that landed around a car in parkville. fortunately the driver was not hurt. look at that, all enveloping it. thanks for joining us. angie is here and smiling. she has the traffic report. howard is here. he's smiling and he has weather for us. >> it is awful outside i am smiling but it is warm and muggy. and a little fog in the gaithersburg region, rural part of montgomery county. it is wednesday. you are half way home for the week but it is what it is and we have tree damage in carroll and anne arundel county h haeruaee t a-q g hail around river side a inthrnt lo morning out there. atokesthmpe tethese temperaturs degree 80 at patu xeicburg up a degree muggy morning. to the north low to mid 870s.
5:31 am
and we are looking at temperatures in the 80s to low 90s for a high. could be a shower midday and maybe a couple of storms later this afternoon like yesterday afternoon. it is 5:31. good morning, angie goff. >> good morning, howie. welcome to wednesday, everybody. hope you are off to a great start. here's the situation on southbound route 29 at lockwood. taking a live shot of it. this accident is taking away one right lane. traffic is getting by but always a good reason to use caution when we have crews on the scene. switch the shot over and take you to germantown road where we have activity. ridge and brink road. traffic is getting by fine. no word of lane closures. moving over to virginia, 66 no problems tracked through centreville and 395 northbound great past duke street to the 14th street bridge. back to you. a media blackout is in
5:32 am
affect today in afghanistan where the government doesn't want news of bloodshed to scare off voters for tomorrow's presidential election. a group of gunmen raided a bank building in the capital city of da kuehl. -- kabul. a suicide attack on a alternate convoyed killed eight and wounded 55. two u.s. troops died in another attack. >> we do not have the capacity to intimidate and prevent 15 afghan soldiers for these elections. >> senior alternate officers insist the polling places will not be shut down and a strong voter turnout is expected. polls indicate that happened karzai is likely to win a second term. closer to home, last night's spotsylvania county red dents ownenned up about a plan to extend railway service in to
5:33 am
their county. opinion on the matter is next. >> in these uncertain economic times, it is not prudent for spotsylvania county to make such an irrevocable commitment and i ask you to to not vote for this. >> by using vre they are able to go back and forth and conduct business. >> if spotsylvania county joins vre it will be a contract that would be nearly impossible to back out of. they may delay a vote until after the november 3rd board of supervisors election. can a municipality break contracts and balance the budget? the answer from a federal judge is no. and this morning prince georges county is between a rock and a hard place.
5:34 am
9 news now digital correspondent, armando trull is live outside of police headquarters with more. >> reporter: at least that's what the county argues. the rock, furloughing employees, the hard place, firing them permanently. the unionized workers say there are other choices an the response of the judge's decision yesterday is quite a happy one from workers like the ones here at police headquarters. prince georges county was ordered to pay back millions of dollars in back wages to thousands of firefighters, police officers and other union workers who a judge said were illegally furloughed for ten days last year. the court ruled the furloughs were unconstitutional because they render the union's contract meaningless. the county disagrees. we will be fing an appeal to remedy this irresponsible decision said the county's communications director. the county warned the union to take the furloughs or face layoffs. the union sued if federal court
5:35 am
arguing there were other ways to balance the broken budget. >> the judge did agree with us there was a surplus of funds that would basically make furloughs unnecessary and layoffs unnecessarily. >> reporter: prince georges county had planned another round of sur lows this year, but in light of the court's ruling it is unclear if it will institute them. the court's ruling also may have an impact on other jurisdictions that have considered furloughs in order to balance their broken budget. reporting live, rule triewl for 9 news now and there are major happenings today at the state capital in richmond, virginia. this morning governor kaine is expected to announce a reduction in the bug revenue adjust and they say it is a whoer $1.3 billion. the governor is expected to announce what cut he wants to make up for the short fall by early next month. after a meeting with finance
5:36 am
committees a special session governor kaine called for last month begins at noon. he wants to address a supreme court ruling which prosecutors say could jeopardize some criminal cases. it is time for another "living $mart" report and jessica doyle is back with good news for workers at gm. >> good news. yeah. finally we have some. gm is getting back to business thanks to the cash for clunkers program. new interest in fuel-efficient cars is prompting them to ramp up production. so gm is recalling 1400 u.s. and canadian auto workers who had been laid off and adding new shifts and overtime and that means more money for workers on the job. gm is raising production by 60,000 vehicles in the third and fourth quarters. meantime austin martin is olding a party for the convertible this weekend.
5:37 am
you can preorder the new mod, it is a $300,000 car. a top speed of 191 miles an hour. >> not on the beltway. >> it hits the streets in november. if you have some money leftover, let's save you some money with the money saving tip e dae thy. you want don't have thousandof dollars to replace laminate. try granite look kit. it costs about $50 and requires epseries of simple sttoeps apply to plastic, laminate d an wood counters. if you want iny iny jet blne an 0 is a lot eaper than r 0 a square foot for the real thing. for more money saving tips check out my blog at the and there are pictures that people have done these counters. they are spectacular, really beautiful. >> good tip. thank you. a huge on-line move to
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change the start time of montgomery county schools. hundreds of student and parents have signed an on-line petition to set it back about hour. they say a national sleep foundation report is the reason why. they say they should receive nine hours of sleep to perform well during the day. officials say it would cost too much to reroute buses. to view the petition, go to our website at and click under the story maryland news. a group of clergy anurges a change of stance to one of our closest neighbors. and police found something very pricy inside of stuffed animals. we are live at lock wood drive where an accident is blocking the right lane. other trouble spots we are finding early on this wednesday. i will have them coming up.
5:39 am
stay with us.
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in in the news now, police in ecuador arrested four people and seized six tons of cocaine near the border with colombia. the street value of the drugs is estimated on the $181 million. ecuadorian police do not say who was responsible for the drug stash. three sh wnpaop robbers wer arrested in houston, texas
5:41 am
after they were wncaught trying to smuggle stolen jewelry inside of a shipment of teddy bears. the shipment caught the attention of police who searched the toys and d founthe stolen goods. orlando police notified the police in houston who then arrested the three men. a group of catholic church leaders is calling on president obama to lift the 47 year embargo against cuba. they say they welcomed the administration's move to relax travel restriction on cuban americans to the island nation but say there is more to be done to improve the condition of cuban people and lifting the economic embargo is the biggest hurdle. a local nonprofit asks for help. and tens of thousands of children head back to school next week. advice for parents if your children get the jitters. here's howard. it is a steam bath out
5:42 am
here. the temperatures and humidity is up. we have rain chances in the forecast. we will have details and the latest on hurricane bill when 9 news now this b@ gó
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school starts next week in
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and we will help your youngsters get ready for classes. we see how to cope with first day jitters. >> this 7-year-old is starting the second great. >> i don't care my teacher yet. >> reporter: and with that comes butterflies. >> i don't know what the classroom looks like yet. >> reporter: especially when it is time to meet new classmates. >> i'm really kind of shy because i didn't met them yet and i didn't know what their names are yet. so i'm too shy to say, what's your name. >> how about rulers. >> reporter: savannah's mom diane can tell weeks in advance her daughter has back to school jitters. >> she will tell me she is getting headaches and stomach aches. that she feels like she will throw up. >> children are no different than adults. adults starting a new job and the experience. they feel the same yeters that
5:46 am
we do. >> reporter: janet is principal at a school and she says the best way to combat it is preparation. >> almost every olhosc holds an open house before school starts and it is vital that parents bring the children in, walk ou ndheol thosc hoand see the teacher. >> reporter: and get in the school routine weeks in advance by setting up bedtimes and wakeup times and meal periods. and she likes to celebrate the start of school in some ways. >> what i try to do is call all the friends we have and figure out who's in what class and have some play dates to establish that security. >> reporter: and parents need to keep jitters in check. kids pick up on them. >> i don't worry i'll be fine. 9 news now and >> if you go to our website at
5:47 am click on the back to school button on our home page. we have other tips to help your child get through the first day butterflies, including important information if your youngster will be walking to school or taking the bus. that's always a big moment. >> one of those days where if your hair frizzes out, expect it to frizz out. we have the chat room open. we are talking weather, football, bret favre, all sorts of stuff. when i went outside, even my glasses fogged up. it is a steam bath outside. i don't know how else to describe it to you. get ready sticky. feels like home growing up in new orleans. >> i stayed indoors a lot. >> stayed in the air conditioner. >> you were smart. >> a humid air mass in place and that's the case the next few days until a front can sweep through and get out of
5:48 am
here. scattered mainly afternoon and evening thunderstorms and chance of patchy fog during the overnight. this morning, partly clou skies. it is warm and muggy. south even 80s to our in fredericksburg. they are at 81 at this hour. a light southwesterly wind utth afternoon. partly sunny, hot and humidity. around 90 give or take a couple of degrees and tonight, a chance of evening shower or thunderstorm. lows in the 70 to 5 range. and that maybe too cool for some. might be upper 70s for some other folks. talk about what happened yesterday. big time thunderstorms in the afternoon, especially north and east of us. some damage in baltimore county, anne arundel county with hail and carroll county had tree damage. this morning we are seeing a few showers to the west in west virginia. this will get here probably later this morning but the muggies are really around. 70s to our north and south. even 80. fredericksburg is back down to
5:49 am
80. 75 on the bay in annapolis and 72 with a little bit of fog in gaithersburg. and in town 78. visibility down to a mile and a half and overall not too bad. hazy and muggy. dew point in the 70s. and the winds are not helping. nonexistent. thunderstorms in the middle of the country. these are marching east. we will get in to waves of thunderstorms like we have been having. until we clear the air mass we will be the same every afternoon through friday. here's the front. don't expect that tom could you through anytime soon and bill is now a major hurricane. category four with winds of 135 miles an hour. it will go between bermuda and the u.s. and maybe get canada over to november score shah and new neighborhood. -- noaf score shah anden if land. time for traffic. thank you so much.
5:50 am
hello, everybody. 11 minutes from the new hour and still tracking this tieup on southbound 29 at lockwood. we know drivers are losing the right lane. still moving at a good pace as they stay left to get by. switching over to germantown, i want to show you northbound ridge road where it meets brink road we know this accident is taking away all lanes for drivers. they are taking away lanes away as needed. hopefully it will be opening up shortly. i will keep you posted. taking you to silver spring. we have downed wires. watch for crews. this is between forest glen road and listenark way. on 395 orange open that door. tracking taillights past duke slowing down a bit to seminary. and finally flip it over to 95 northbound. a little volume between the prince william parkway to lorton. andrea, over to you. vandals cause thousands of dollars of damage to a local nonprofit over the week.
5:51 am
i helps low income boyce and men with life skills and now it is asking the community for help. here's lindsey mastis with the story. >> grew up here. like just a home. >> reporter: he usually comes to mentor his peers but today he is cleaning up a horrible mess. >> paperwork and everything just on the floor or turned over. >> reporter: vandals caused $10,000 worth of damage by throwing paint, spraying graffiti and ripping apart art work. >> they create art work on life experiences and the next art work will be about their reaction to the vandalism. >> he says other organizations and students have stopped by to help. >> what we saw is an outpouring of the commune and had young people that don't even attend the program, like 10 and 11 that was in here yesterday working. >> reporter: they are asking for donations, simple things like paper towels and paper
5:52 am
plates but are also hoping someone will replace their 47 inch television. it was just donated six months ago. >> we seen it on the floor like it was stepped on. we could see footprints. in northeast dc, 9 news now and >> the organization says the vandals left footprints and fingerprints. they hope to get them. coming up play time for adults and celebrity baby news in the buzz. and in 15 minutes it sounds like something from minority report. 5:52. fab@
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an area palestinianster has pled guilty to conspiring to steal money from an office. and american students are in the middle of the pack compared to peers worldwide. read these story and more in the examiner. play dates are not just for your children anymore. if you like to step out on the town but don't like the
5:56 am
traditional bar scene there's a new way for you to play. digital correspondent, james hash shows us how. >> remember this or how about, or maybe even, katrina moore of play dates dc metro is betting you do. >> games are for everybody. you don't stop playing because you get old. you get old because you stop playing. >> reporter: they are bringing back a new twist to dc night life. >> take people who are tired of the traditional bar scene, throw in favorite games from their childhood, throw in a beverage or two and stir. >> because we don't want to go to the club scene anymore. i want to go out and meet people but not the way i have done it in the past. a little stale. >> reporter: the play date concept is new to dc but it is not new. it started in atlanta and spread to two other cities so far. they offered a sneak peek at
5:57 am
next door on u street. >> it is fun. you don't want to always go out to dinner but have fun in other ways. >> reporter: if you are tired of the bar crawl maybe it is time to think of a play date. on u street, james hash, 9 news now and the first play date is this friday night at the hyatt crystal city in arlington. looks like a lot of fun. they are going to have a lot of games they will want to play with the new baby. baby buzz coming up. it is good news for a singer celine dion. she is pregnant. her first child was delivered eight years ago. and this young woman who grew up with 14 other siblings she wanted a large family. just hasn't happened but it was confirmed she is pregnant and the new baby is due in may and she's just delighted. >> i judged a celine dion sound-
5:58 am
alike contest. and now when i hear the music from "titanic." she has a dynamic voice. >> and she is this big. i don't understand how that all comes out of her. let's talk about the smithsonian. ben stiller bringing a lot of buzz to this. he is leaving a legacy here at the smithsonian institution. he is the star of the night at the museum battle of the smithsonian and now we are hearing the smithsonian will show the ten-minute film or a ten-minute film at the smithsonian castle visitors center and that's because he starred in a new film for the museum at the national mall. it started to show yesterday i'm hearing. >> i'm sure he is wearing his garb. >> i didn't see it but i know it was a hit and pretty funny. good news there. >> let's talk about a movie
5:59 am
premier. they had their premier in chicago on tuesday. this movie, by the way, is a world war ii tale about a group of soldiers that go behind enemy lines to kill nazis. >> is it a true story. >> i do ott not believe so but he received an award from the chicago international film festival and it is opening on friday nationwide. sponge bob could be the answer to reviving new orleans theme park out there. the old jazz land site that was deep underwater are hoping that sponge bob and discovery will come back and put it back together again. >> the east said of new orleans has not recovered from katrina. >> in parts. if anyone can help it is dora explorer. >> talk itls f eee itee new kd a leorfeous a few

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